Winter coat sample board

Winter coat deadline

It’s been a balmy 9C on the Isle of Wight so far this January. Yes, it’s been raining pretty much since the end of October, but it has not been that chilly. Why so much weather info on a sewing blog?

I went to Hamburg for work mid month, where it was sooo cold my face actually hurt. I’m off to Louisville, Kentucky, at the end of February and I’ve yet to finish my winter coat.

Yikes! I have been gently stitching away, really enjoying learning some tailoring techniques, since the autumn, without much sense of urgency. Now there is a race on to finish before it gets too darn warm to wear it.

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Made@ginjer sewing room

Take a tour around my sewing room

When you walk down a street in the evening, are your eyes drawn to those homes with the lights on and the front rooms all lit up? I cannot help taking a sideways peek to see how the front rooms have been decorated.

Similarly, when I read sewing blogs, I love to see the spaces where people sew. I feel I know them better if I understand their sewing room (if they are lucky) or the area where they keep their fabrics and work in progress. And I’m keen to pick up good tips on stylish storage or favourite tools.

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