That's me! I'm Gilly and I'm glad to have you along

That’s me! I’m Gilly and I’m glad to have you along








Hello, I’m Gilly, and welcome to Made@Ginjer.

Making my own clothes has been a passion since my teens when it was the perfect way to acquire a wardrobe way beyond my youthful budget. And I continue to believe that sewing is the best way to own quality, affordable clothing in lovely fabrics and exciting colours that I will keep for a long time.

I particularly enjoy the time invested in realising my me-made wardrobe, from planning the garment to exploring new techniques, and that mindful absorption at my sewing machine or hand stitching. This has got to be one of the best antidotes to fast fashion because it ensures that the garments I make will be cherished over many years.

I love a challenge and opportunities to learn new sewing skills, particularly anything related to traditional tailoring techniques. Mr G – my other half – has also acquired his own Made@Ginjer wardrobe over the years (or ‘Mad Eat Ginjer’ as he calls it) as I have graduated from making men’s T-shirts and PJs to a fully tailored pea-coat. That coat was three years in the making, so Mr G has learned not to hold his breath.

In recent times I have discovered the joys of making my own underwear, especially bras, as it’s so difficult to find desirably luxurious lingerie at an affordable price.

I’m hugely inspired by the worldwide community of sewing enthusiasts. I really enjoy reading about other people’s projects and learn so much from following their progress. I hope you will also enjoy my adventures in sewing.