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That's me! I'm Gilly and I'm glad to have you along

That’s me! I’m Gilly and I’m glad to have you along









My name is Gilly and I’m back making things at my sewing machine again after a long absence. I finally realised that making the occasional pair of curtains or mending and hemming ready-made clothes does not feed my craving to be creative.

My love affair with needle crafts began, aged 11, at school. Even the compulsory tennis skirt we had to make in the autumn term (ready for summer sports) did not sap my enthusiasm. My passion continued throughout my teens and into my twenties. Making my own clothes was an absorbing hobby as well as the perfect way to acquire a wardrobe way beyond my meagre student budget. Then life got in the way; earning a living and renovating the house sapped all my energies and creativity.

All that changed in 2014 when, after months of avidly pouring over needlework books and daydreaming about potential sewing projects, it dawned on me that it was time to return to my passion.

A lot has changed for me during the intervening years. For a start, I have moved from London to a sunny spot by the sea on the Isle of Wight. It’s a great lifestyle, but fabric shops are a little thin on the ground here. So my renewed journey began by working out where I can source supplies and advice.

Luckily I have been able to tap into the worldwide community of sewing enthusiasts and suppliers via the web. I hugely enjoy reading about other people’s projects and am learning so much from following their progress, that I’ve been inspired me to set up this blog.

I hope you enjoy my adventures in sewing.